Dainis W. Michel

Dainis W. Michel

I provide rock solid virtual space services to individuals and businesses worldwide. My specialty right now is helping businesses with my profitable virtual and physical business integration services, which places businesses “on rails” to build multi-million dollar brands. All technical “glitches” are removed, and business owners can concentrate on their core services, products and competencies, and can therefore engage in functional communication with their communities.

I only work with selected clients, most of whom are referred to me by colleagues and business associates. Social consciousness and sustainability are requirements to become a client of mine.

Services range in price, and my benchmark is to provide a minimum of 10x the cash value to my clients of what I am paid.

Get in touch and we can talk about how I can help you and your business.

SkypeID: dainismichel
US Fax/VM: +1 317 713 1177 (Avl. 24/7)

Here’s an “about me” personal statement, some of the things I’ve listed aren’t realities yet, though I’m making progress on all fronts:

I develop businesses that help the world and provide my services to help others do the same. I’ve composed beautiful and possibly even “historically significant” works of music. I’ve invented funny and useful things that millions of people have purchased and benefitted from. I spread the love. People feel good near me, around me, and I feel good about myself and my life. I cultivate consistent, functional, and reciprocal kindness and honesty. I have a happy family and a loving wife who is kind to me and good for me. I have 4 children and they’re happy and are being raised to be competent, loving, stable, financially secure, contributors to society and the world. I’ve written songs that have been heard by millions, played billions of times, that are enjoyed and folks derive special meaning from my songs because I touch them, I touch their hearts, their minds, and their souls in the most beatiful and divine of ways. I’ve been in a feature film and I really did super-great. I make people laugh heartily and sincerely. They like that, and so do I.

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