iContact is my eMail Deliverability Backbone Solution (Real World Review)

iContact is currently my eMail deliverability solution. It serves an essential role in the atsis.com content network, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount from my technical support tickets and calls with the professionals at iContact. Some of the plans may “seem” expensive, but when you look at their assistance regarding:

  • email deliverability
  • healthy lists
  • up to the minute changes in major free email providers’ rules
  • support
  • message builder that works

…you start really appreciating the tremendous amount of value iContact has packed into their service. You can give their service a complimentary test drive, and if for one second you are disappointed, come back and post here!

The links on this page are heartfelt and sincere affiliate endorsements, and I’ve sincerely written every word of this post.

Yours truly,

Dainis W. Michel

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